is this possible...???

ok so a few nights ago my boyfriend was fingering me and I gave him a handjob. and 4 a little bit he was moving my hands for me and he got his c*m on his hands. then with it all over his hands he fingered me. culd that get me pregnant???

Answer #1

yes you can get pregnat even if ure boyfriend is wearing jeans and you too and he ejaculates you can get pregnat because sperm is so small it can go through ure clothes so just watch it and be careful

Answer #2

Yes it can. Anytime a guy ejaculates, he should wash his hands ASAP before he touches your vagina. Sperm can swim honey, and if he had cum on his fingers and he put them inside you - you can get pregnant very easily.

Wait until your period is due and take a pregnancy test. If your not pregnant, learn from this experience please.

Answer #3

There is a risk of pregnancy if sperm comes into contact with the vagina in any way including from sperm on fingers. If you think that sperm may have come into contact with your vagina within the last five days, and you don’t want to get pregnant, you should seek advice on emergency contraception as soon as possible.

How long sperm can live in the open-air depends on the situation, what kind of environment it’s in and how much sperm is present. But, on average, sperm can’t live for much longer than a few hours in the open-air. It’s important to remember that if sperm is inside a women’s body, it can survive for up to seven days.

Hope this helps.

Answer #4

can you name the baby after me?

Answer #5

wow lauraaa, But yea its possible that You could be pregnet so just keep and eye out ~.^

Answer #6


Yes, you can get pregnant from that, please don’t give out false information doll.

Answer #7

Yes, you can be pregnant. I consider you take the test or just wait for your period.

Answer #8

possiblyy yeaah…but dont b worried kuz you probably kant…just watch outt :)

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