Is this normal?

I am 13, and I feel I don’t have much freedom.

Only makeup I can wear is lip gloss, and foundation on very special occasions.

I am finally allowed to shave, but don’t regularly.

I have NEVER gone to a spa or done any of that - that means never a mani/pedi, massage, waxing.

Only thing I’ve gotten at a salon is a haircut and on very special occasions a blowout.

Can’t dye my hair, not even get highlights.

I can only paint my nails clear or light pink.

My ears are already pierced, I got it when I was a couple of days old, as is the custom in my country.

I’m not allowed to have any sleepovers, and my parents get very paranoid about letting me stay home alone for a couple hours in the day or letting me go to my friends’ houses (by the way, they are all girls, so I still don’t get it).

I get good grades, save and invest my allowance money, and all that, but I still don’t have any freedom, even as a small reward for everything.

And supposedly I’m allowed to date (because my mom had no freedom as a young teen), but I’m still scared to ask for anything because the answer to everything is always “no”.

My parents just won’t let me grow up - I can’t even have a phone yet. :/

Answer #1

dayum kidd. I wouldnt want to be yew.

Answer #2

Haha, thanks. c:

Answer #3

I am Hispanic.

Answer #4

what race are you? I have the same prob

Answer #5

well.. when you get 18 move out of that country!!! try to be happy ya know but ask why you cant do certain thing

Answer #6

Ha, I know. My parents just think using colorful or dark nail polish will make me look strange or gothic. :/

Answer #7

Talking doesn’t do /anything/.

They will /not/ change their opinions. -.-

Answer #8

im not alowed to wear eye liner or foundation and im just now aloud to wear mascara and most of my friends dont have phones either. im 13 too and me and most of my friends arent aloud to date either. so relax. but the nail polish thing seems kinda harsh though. talk to your parents

Answer #9

compare yourself to your friends. you mentioned getting your ears pierced at a very young age is custom in your country so im assuming your not american. so I dont know the standards of your country so I cant really say. but a few of my friends have really strict parents like that.

Answer #10

maybe you should tell your parents that you really want some more freedom, talk to them about you growing up, and all that. they are just protecting you and don’t want you to grow up or lose you, they are doing all this because they love you. I hope this helped! bye! :)

Answer #11

I’m in the US, I’m just from South America.

I am seriously considering going to college in a far-away state. o.o

wearing make up isnt that big of a deal. I know that it seems like oh all the girls around me wear it so I have too. really you don’t.

I just want to make myself look prettier and more presentable, every girl should ahve the chance to do that.

And using eyeshadow and foundation is pretty important if you already have flawed skin at such a young age, like me. :/

Answer #12

Yeah, I know they’re scared of me growing up, but it’s kind of hurting me emotionally and socially. xP

Talking has just led to arguments, they won’t change their opinions. :/

Answer #13

some of the stuff you said is normal. wearing make up isnt that big of a deal. I know that it seems like oh all the girls around me wear it so I have too. really you don’t. when I was thirteen I wasn’t allowed to dye my hair. get highlights. I never had my nails done. id only get my hair done if it was for a wedding I was in or somethign like thatt. not being able to paint your nails is sorta not normal. but you dont have to have em painted. having your ears pierced is normal. you should be allowed to hang out with your friends. and stay home alone for a few hours. you have to have a social life. try talkign with your parents about it. and say you are growing up and you need more freedom. being thirteen and dating I find isnt a big deal. I think it’s better not to date at thirteen. when I was thirteen I wasn;t alllowed to have a phone either. many people who are thirteen aren’t allowed too.

Answer #14

tell your parents to take it and shove it!! lol jk…I would tell them that you are old enough to do all that and that you want to have more freedom…tell them axactly how you feal…lolz I cant date…my parents suck…lolz hope I helped

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