When she took off her pants i felt such a terribly stinky smell

The other day, I was with a friend (very close friend) and we where changing our clothes together.. And when she took off her pants I felt such a terribly stinky smell, im pretty sure it was her "lower part", it was pretty strong like she hadnt taken a shower in a really long time, but she showers every morning according to her... Is it normal? and if its not .. How can I tell her? .. She once told me that when she didnt had her period she still had to use some protection since she still got some white/yellowish thing on her undewear.. Thats all I've heard her comment on the subject..

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Maybe I wouldn't say anything right away, sometimes I think all girls/women experience this, and chances are if you smelled it, she did too, so you may just make it worse for her. I'd say if you notice it again, maybe you could do some research online to provide her some answers as to what maybe could be causing this. She might be grateful to have someone to talk about it with, since it is such a personal thing. But like I said, maybe you could say, "the other day when we were changing I thought I smelled an odor, I wasn't sure but did you notice it" if she doesn't say anything it might not be a good thing for you to, it's something you have to weigh out on your own. If you are that close, it will not matter, she will either talk about it or not, but if you are not close friends, then let it go, maybe you won't have to get that close again. Good luck...

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Don't be rude to your friend.!! People are very sensitive about stuff like that and you might loose her as a friend. It could be a yeast infection she should go to the doctor and get it checked out. Please don't listen to "Diamond Kicker" she probably doesn't know what it is either and if you sympathize with her she'll probably react better when you do confront her about it.

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it sounds like she has an infection, anything yellow on her panties like a discharge ect is not healthy or less she is very sexually active.

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she needs to make a appointment at her gynecolegist,If she doe's not have one she needs to find one soon.

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All I can say is that you should have asked right there and then, "what's that smell?" and interrogated her about it...being that blunt may seem stingy to some people, but I think that between friends there shouldn't be any holding back when one sees that something's not right. You're supposed to look out for each other, so telling her that smelling bad down there is just wrong wouldn't be stingy at all, better you tell her than some other dude who may even 'spread the word' in your school or something of the sort.
So always make sure, that when your friend does something, or when there's something wrong with them you point it out, and encourage her to do the same towards you. That's what I call "having each other's backs"

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she obviously doesnt bathe very well :P

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