Is this just me being horny?

When I'm on top and my boyfriend and I are dry humping, I can make it all the way until I get this really good feeling that goes throughout my whole body.. mostly my torso and legs. When I feel intense I'm pretty sure he does too because he makes me go faster and harder. I feel really light and I just can't stop myself from going harder but I think I've hurt him a few times doing it. The feeling goes away after I slow down or change what I'm doing. I love it and wish it could go on for awhile, but it only happens when I'm on top and dry humping.. I'm pretty sure it's not an orgasm though. And also, if I stand up afterwards I feel really light headed and I almost fall over. Was I just really horny or what? Because it takes awhile to get to that point, and like I said, it only happens when I'm dry humping.

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Then how come it's just when we're dry humping? =/ I can't get an org*sm from sex, and clitoral stimulation feels so good.

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do you get wet while doing this?

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sounds like an orgasm to me.

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