Is this site legal or illegal?

this websitee??

Answer #1

What makes you think that it would be illegal? Of course this is a safe website. Welcome to FunAdvice :)

Answer #2

Its very Legal (:

Answer #3

Its legal

Answer #4


Answer #5


Answer #6

Yeah this site is 100% legal, I don’t see how it couldn’t be really, unless questioning things is illegal, and thats generally only in a dictatorship ;)

Answer #7

With 131,751 Members from around the world, it would be some round-up !! - it’s Legal, post away !!

Answer #8

why would this site be illegal?

and also it depends on which country its hosted in…

Answer #9

There is nothing on Funadvice that is illegal.

Answer #10

Just because it has slot of members doesn’t mean something is legal… Look at haha

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