Is this an ulcer?

So on my bottom lip, inside my mouth, there’s a clear little bump and it looks like it has a tiny white tip on it. I looked up pictures of ulcers and it doesn’t look like any of the pictures I saw. so is this something else? does anyone know?

Answer #1

I’m thinking it’s a cold sore or canker sore. It’ll go away in a few days or about a week. If not, go to the doctor to get some cream or medicine for it.

Answer #2

It’s probably just a canker sore and it will go away on its own within a few days.

If it’s really bother you I would put some Anbesol on it, which will numb it. Try not to touch it with your tongue too much because that could irritate it and make it last longer

Answer #3

cold sore?

Answer #4

Don’t know it’s probable a cold sore

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