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Is this a poem?

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Wisdom Part of human is so evil and dark Part of me is beyond darkness Something I feel as if there was a child smugger into brothel and find no way out Daily I hear the voice Of you To come again And you don't come You just cant come cause you were never real You were always the lie The fake that fade away Yet I hear you Day after day Smoking my breaths to laugh at me I hate you I hate the day I met you It was the worst time ever How can I trust this evil dark creature called human I will use drugs And dream that I m a singer Sings and become famous I will take drugs To drug me To force me into bed Head down girl sleep now Forget the sorrows and wounds That is hurting you so much Forget the betrayals ,,the masks The stupid mind of you Sleep forever ! Cause forever was your dream to live in Small place were there is no harm of any kind Drug will bound you to the right place The right zone Gag your lousy talking mind Drug will kill your spirit That lead you to hell with your own legs Road that you imagine full with roses and it ended full with bitterness Honey that turned into poison in your head Drugs That is the answer of you Drugs it will be the gate to nowhere Where you were borne Into the utters of your mother ground To death That’s the only thing The answer For our difficult times There is no solution We always end up the same way we begin Weak Confused

Or jump from hill Break your bones one after the other Disappear in coma That’s too painful Isn’t it But who says that we regain pleasure without pain Isn’t life were we hide our dirt In toilet to flash it with cold water Isnt that life Where we hide from real life In a book Novel