is this a good plan

ok man my house is driving me crazy so I planned out when I reach like 16 am going to have me a car and a fair amount of money and am going to move out of state and alive alone ill finish high school and ill probably stay in that same state and go to college for being a vet or something that have to do with animal what ya thing of this? is this a good idea???

Answer #1

A sixteen year old can’t do much, especially not rent an apartment. You can’t even rent a car until you’re 25. You can’t rent a hotel room until you’re 18.

You can’t make enough money at a part time job to live. It doesn’t matter how old you are. Married couples with at least one job each find it difficult to come up with enough money for rent, insurance, gas, car maintenance, and god forbidden health accidents.

At least get through high school, you can’t do much without a BA now a days let alone without a GED or high school diploma. If college isn’t for you, then try some job training while you’re in high school.

Answer #2

I counted down the days until my 16 birthday so I could be out on my own.

My mother kicked me out 2 months before my 16th birthday. I didn’t have a job, and I couldn’t get one because I had no experience. Even the jobs that could hire me wouldn’t nearly pay enough for me to afford rent. I didn’t have a place to go. I stayed on the streets and begged for money.

I didn’t finish highschool until I was 28.

My advice?

Stay home and get your education. You have food, shelter, and all the necessities of life. Don’t make it harder than it has to be.

Answer #3

How are you going to pay for a place to live? A 16 year old is not going to be able to make enough money to support yourself…and still be able to go to school. Besides, if your parents come looking for you and they find you do you have any idea how much trouble you could get into it.

Listen to ichibanarky…sometimes things don’t always go the way you plan…sometimes it’s better to stay where you are and deal with it.

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