Is there still hope?

Ok I met this girl at our school food fair.She is sexy and a good person.Later in the day we made out.And I got sick in the night.And the nexted day was our school camp so I was sick for that and could not enjoy it.So when I get home she phones Me and I ask her out and she says Yes.After that she says that we can double date on the Saturday coming and I say ok.On Saturday Im still sick and I phone her and Tell her I dont want to go anymore because im sick and I dont want to get her sick.So she says its ok.Then later in the night I get a Texted saying we have to break up.I ask why she Does not reply.So later in the year I see her in the shop and we started chatting I took her number and then we started texting each other.And I told her I love her and she said the same.So somedays later I phone her and ask her out she says NO I ask why and then she says that We wont she each other.Now is there any hope that we can go out again.And how can I Tell her that We will she each other

Cheers, Matthew

Answer #1

Just try to build her trust back up again. It sounds like she likes you a lot, but maybe she is just too scared to go out with you, atm?

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