Is there any way to fix permature ejaclation?

Is there any way to fix permature ejaclation? So I won’t do it anymore? What are some ways you can last longer? I masterbate, should I stop that, or does that have no effect?

Answer #1

when you wank take as long as you can really as LONG because then youll get used to taking long and itll increase your pleasure when you do come^^

Answer #2

It’s all in your head. Switch the frequency in your brain saying ‘’ I’ve gotta come’’ to ‘’ I got to pleasure the woman’’, don’t flex your butt and/or leg muscles, and with time, you’ll start to come slower.

Answer #3

Heres a link with a lot of information about it, too much to copy in here:

Answer #4

I think with time itll change and get better im no doctor but im just guessing you should really wikipedia it

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