Are there any quick ways to detoxify yourself of thc?

Hi People! got to a question, probably a stupid one but hey. I need some advice on passing a pee test, I smoke reefer everyday, several times a day, it's like a daily religion to me. But anyway, I just got a call for an unexpected job and would like for me to take a pee test before the day is over. Is there anything I can do, like very quickly. I know there is detox drinks and stuff like that, but I am limited on moola. Any suggestions?? Thanks

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Depends on the type of test but diluting it is probably your best bet, LOTS of water, cranberry juice ect.

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there are no dangers of niacin.
if there are, theyre rare.

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Go to GNC and get a detoxifying liquid, not powder or tablets. Follow the directions and remember to drink lots of water. It has worked for a lot of my friends in the same situation.

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those are all complicated ways.
heres an easy way-
go to walgreens, get a thing called niacin, its less than about $5, well at least it is in nebraska.
all THC is out in about 2 hours.

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Go to GNC and buy Golden Seal, it always used to work for my brother on weed.

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the easiest way to beat a drug test isnt thru niacin, water, golden seal, or anything else. I was on probation for 4 years, and I beat the weekly drug test quite easily. have a "clean" friend pee into a trojan enz condom, and tie off the end. store it in your fridge until before your test, then take some string/yarn and tie the condom around your waist. your body heat will get it to the right temp. once given the cup, go into the stall and whip out the comdom thru your fly. that condom is flesh colored so it looks just like your normal equiptment. then prick the condom witha neddle/tack, it will then drain out at a normal rate(like your normal equipment).

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drink like 5 gallons of water and go to the natural store and buy that drink stuff...its like $40.
my friend did it and she smoked before her test and she passed.

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Sue got in just before me...DOH

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Unfortunately...NO, there is nothing you can do. THC clings to your fat cells & can take up to 60 days to clear your system if you are a heavy user. Drinking lots of water does help, as that is the only real way to flush the system...but it still takes days/weeks to clear completely. Your best bet is to get someone drug-free to pee in a condom, and for you to stash that down your panties to keep the temp. right, and take a pin with you to prick the end...but that would be immoral, the choice is yours. Drugs are bad mmmkay :)

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Dear missdaisy08,
Ya...silly question. There isn't anything that can help you detox your system. There are a lot of wives tales and bogus claims to make money. The reality of it is that THC stores in body accumulates there. it can take 2-40 days to leave the body depending on the amount smoke. Smoking daily will obviously cause a buildup in the fat and take longer to leave the body and will only leave when smoking stops. Sorry you won't be getting that job. You may want to try rehab with your spare time since you will continue to sabotage your future if you continue this way.
Sue...good luck

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theres this thing called sure gell in the jello section and you mix it wit your drink and drink it. but drink it fast or else it gets like jello. I don't know if it works but I heard bout a lot of people doin it.

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Water, water, water and cranberry juice! Taking B-Complex vitamens and drinking things like sports drinks are helpful as well.

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2-3grams niacin, 2-3 grams Vitamin C, 1L green tea, 1L cranberry juice(100% not from conc), 2-3L water and some hawthorn berry extract as a this all about 2 hours before the test, pee once before the test...and when you pee in the cup use the mid stream section of the pee in the bowl some then the cup then back in the bowl

if you had more time...a few days or so, use some chinese chlorella and bentonite clay to lower THC in the fatty tissue via removal through the bowels...and some sweaty exercise...but don't exercise in the 48hrs before the test

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The only way to pass is to not do drugs.

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Please refer to other posts about flushing on the dangers of Niacin...

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detox drink is your best bet. be sure to follow the directions, it will only mask the thc for a few hours.

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Well I guess if I wanted your reply, I wouldn't have asked the question in the first place. However, maybe I will consider your advice one day:)
Also, if this is anybody's answer, don't answer my question

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Ok I did a 5 day permanent cleanse and I stopped smoking for a moth however I recent smoked again do you think it will take longer to get out my system

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