Is there a way to make your butt smaller ?

If so how ?

Answer #1

lol I have a big but but its not fat and personally I luv it but my sis has a big but too which she hates they seem to run in our families anyyway she just did a lot of running and it got smaller

Answer #2

Yeah, it’s impossible to spot reduce fat. And as everybody else you really should be happy. Shake it like a polaroid picture!

Answer #3

You wont be able to loose weight in any specific area of your body, it’ll be lost all over! you can tone and shape your butt muscles by doing specific exercises, but if you have a big butt because thats the shape of your body (I.e J-lo) then you cant do much. Anyway wats wrong wit a big buttt?

Answer #4

ok 1 if you have a big butt than you should be proud!!! some people have small butts bnut girl if you have junk in the trunk like girl you are set!!!

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