Is there is anyone here older than 15?

Is anyone here older than 15?

Answer #1

I’m 19

Answer #2

33 \m/

Answer #3

… 16

Answer #4

Eventually, we are going to add some filtering features to make it more readily apparent that, yes, we do have people from all sorts of age brackets…the oldest few members we have in the upper range are in their seventies, and of course, we have 13 year olds.

The founders are 32, 33 and 44…I’m the youngest of the three :)

Answer #5

well im glad theres not just lil kids that would of sucked lol

Answer #6

LOL! Yep, sure enough we are out there somewhere! When I first became a member I had to look back at the site’s name to make sure it didn’t say, “Teen”. I am Don, an old geezer, 56, and I live in Ohio. So, yes, were are here, we just are greatly in the minority evidently. Oh well! Take Care! Don

Answer #7

I am. There’s a lot that are older but most of the questions you see are from younger kids. 13 is the youngest they are allowed to be though.

Answer #8

Must not be that hot.

Answer #9

im 46

Answer #10

I’m 19:)

Answer #11

I’m 24 and that’s older then 15. I’ll be 25 this January. Hope that helps.

Answer #12

does 34 work

Answer #13

Just to let you know how versatile this site is with age, I’ve got grandkids older than 15.

Answer #14

I’m 21

Answer #15

lol well now thats a lot closer to my age lol

Answer #16

im 20…(:

Answer #17

oh ok I thought there were only younger kids here

Answer #18

I am 17?

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