Are snake bites trashy or ugly?

Do you think snake bites are ugly or trashy on a girl?

Answer #1

To me, not appealing at all - especially when they detract from a beautiful face.

Answer #2

I dont consider any peircing trashy…or ugly everyone has a different opinion on whats looks good to them but if someone has them and wanted them, theres nothing wrong with that dont be stoped my what stupid other people say its just another way to express yourself

Answer #3

no certain girls can pull it off though I got sum friends that look good with them but I have also seen some that look bad

Answer #4

I love them!! I want some but I am too chicken to get them…

Answer #5

ugly no matter what…no offense

Answer #6

They look good on some people…it just depends on the person.

Answer #7

personally I think they’re quite horrible

but hey just my opinion

Answer #8

Hot most of the time, but you have to have the style and the face to pull it off. :]

Answer #9

Snakebites are unattractive. Tramp-stamps are trashy.

Answer #10

im just wondering if I would look good with them?

Answer #11

I wouldn’t get them - but they look alright on some people.

Answer #12

their not trash but it doesn;t look that great they look better on guys

Answer #13

in my opinion snake bites are hot, on girls or guys if you dont think you can pull it off, you cant you have to own it

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