Is singing a gift or a skill?

Is singing a gift or a skill?

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I’m 21 and the singer in a rock band and to be honest with you singing is all about the heart…I used to think that I couldnt sing but 2 years ago I found myself and my passion. I realized that an art existed within me, that it was a part of me…I found something that makes me feel wonderful, like I’m in my own vast world where nothing can defeat me…that is how singing makes me feel, especially when its backed by wonderful band members that just add to the magic of singing to create a masterpiece that will last and that has a beauty that will never rest. Because as you grow older and as YOUR BEAUTY RESTS your music will continue. And through that, the creation of what you thought was soo miniscule and immaculate you will live forever. Ever since that day that I found my true passion(singing) I have been in 3 bands that were fairly successful locally and my current one is on the way to a possible deal in the future. I have met many great musicians and friends and It has helped me through many hard times in my life. I have never had any training or help and even though I havent I still have a great voice…because of that, because of my belief that music and singing is an art that is naturally instilled in our souls, and because it is something soo magical and overpowering I believe that singing is a gift. I am not religious I do believe in GOD and I think that music and the ability to sing or to make music is one of GODs greatest gift to mankind…The only obstacle is believing enough to find and unlock the box that its hiding in deep within your soul, believing enough to let it bring light and hope both to your life as well as the lives of others.

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Both. Some people naturally have a nice quality voice, and in that case it’s a gift. But good singers know the training required to use their voice to the fullest potential, and then it’s a skill.

I’m a singer, always have been, but not because I have a good voice. I do have a good voice, but without training, it wouldn’t be near to the skill level it’s at right now. My belt has improved, my range has widened, my breathing is a whole lot more supportive. True singers can’t just have the pretty voice, but they need to know how to properly work it, as well as have an ear for music..

I’ll give you a couple of examples:

A friend of mine is currently trying to learn to sing properly. She has a great natural voice, but no training, and no ear for music. She can’t hear the rhythm when she goes to sing a song, she randomly changes keys and has no idea. It’s frustrating for her, because hearing music is a natural thing, so in this case, a gift, one that she doesn’t have. There’s nothing she can do about it. This is why I think that EVERYONE can sing, the only way you can’t is if you’re tone deaf, which is about 2% of the population.

Then I have another friend, who has a naturally small, squeaky, and quite nasally voice. Singing is her passion, and she didn’t used to sound too great when she tried to sing. Then she took voice lessons from my teacher, and she learned how to control her breathing and her resonators so that she’s not quite as nasally, and now has a beautiful lyric soprano voice.

It’s always a mixture, but I believe technique is what makes ANY good singer, great.

Answer #3

It’s a skill.

What determines if you catch on is the connection you make in your brain between what you hear and what sound you produce. Other than that… it’s all skill.

xox Sika

Answer #4

it can often be a gift [one I dont have]

but you can get a singing coach, and if you learn to sing better, it can become a skill.


Answer #5

true singers have it as a gift

Answer #6

I think people like leona lewis, mariah carey and whitney houston has an absolute gift. I mean really, the ability to belt out some of those notes! but I think it doesn’t mean all those without the ‘gift’ can’t sing, just means that they might need some training to make what they have the best it can be.

but then you get people, like my hubby, who can’t hold a note in tune to save his life lol!

Answer #7

I think it is a gift

Answer #8

I think its both.

Answer #9

I think it can go both ways. I can sing but im not that good to use it as a skill

Answer #10

I would say gift but people can use it as a skill if they want it.

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Answer #12

I’d say gift mostly =]

Answer #13

a gift sweetie

Answer #14

a gift

Answer #15


Answer #16

I say it is a gift

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