Is she jealous?

I used to get along really well with my friend but over the last few weeks she’s been really wierd. Like I told her my art teacher said I should take up art for GSCE’s and she said “Why? your absolutely rubbish”. It really hurt me and whenever I tell her something good that I’ve done she always has to say something negative. I don’t know why because I would never say anything like that to her. I’m really self-concious and when she said I was ugly it really got to me. I mean, I know looks isn’t everything but also it was her birthday the other day and I forgot to bring her present and she actually asked me for it. I mean, as if you go up to someone and say “where’s my present?” I don’t know how she even can. I don’t think I sould even give her it and save it for someone else. Whenever we have different views of something she never wants to give in, even if she knows she’s wrong. My mum said she’s jealous but isn’t that what all mums say?

Answer #1

she could be, but then again she could have other problems of her own and she may be just taking the anger from those problems out on you, sit her down and talk to her about how you feel about what she is doing to you

Answer #2

ya she could be because if you 2 have the same class she could be mad or jealous because she feels you’re blowing her off


the she could be taking her anger on you aalmost all girls do at some time

  • Courtney
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