Is Sex A Sin?

Is Sex A Sin? what is sin?

Answer #1

According to the Bible, sex outside of marriage is a sin, called fornication - check it out.

Answer #2

I definitely agree with Flossheal and want to add that many of the laws of Moses were for the Jewish people. Yes we still follow the ten commandments, and obey the teachings of Jesus, but in today’s times it is pretty much impossible to follow every word in the bible.

Answer #3

What is a sin? In Christian terms, it’s something that makes us imperfect, a ‘missing the mark’ of being like God. So we’re talking about selfishness, greed, arrogance, theft, hurting people etc.

Is sex a sin? Not in itself - it’s made by God and it’s wonderful. Can it be used selfishly, greedily, arrogantly, without consent, to hurt etc..? Obviously it can. So sex can be sinful, but isn’t a sin in itself at all.

Christians believe, traditionally, that sex isn’t a sin within marriage. A lot fewer people are married young these days, so this causes some problems that didn’t occur quite so much in Bible times. But we can get obsessed with the idea ‘sex is a sin’ when in fact it’s really fantastic in context and there are plenty more sins committed by Christians which we could do with concentrating on - hurting people through ignorance or arrogance, and failing to look at the world through God’s eyes.

Answer #4

no it’ sperfectly natural. and the only sin (I think) is when it is done too freely, without consent, or one person is being used or manipulated.

some may argue that prostitution is a sin, however, it is a mutial agreement, generally, between two consenting adults.

marriage; marriage is very much a ‘man made thing’. I admit that I am married, however, only because it was needed. my husband and I got married becuase the army does not allow co-habiting partners to live together in army housing (how barbaric is that!). so because he would be shipped abroad etc, we had to marry to be able to live together..

I don’t think there is anything wrong with sex out of wedlock at all, as long as the first paragraph is adhered to, there shouldn’t be a problem.

sex is a perfectly natural thing, and people SHOULDN’T demonise it…

Answer #5

personally I dont beleiev sex is a sin but I also dont belevie in christianity or cholisism

my friend is a christian and just took a promise to not have sex until shes married I say shes crazy

Answer #6

Sex is a sin outside of marriage.

If you cannot control yourself and plan to be married, God overlooks it. If you do not marry, you are diluting yourself with HOW MANY partners before you give yourself to the one you WILL marry?

Very risky, casual sex is, even if consensual. Enough to worry about, AND with all the possibilities of diseases we are ALL able to contract.

Excuse the vulgarity… There was a joke of such a disease, that when he stuck it in, it would just fall off in about three or four days.

Please, do not mess up your life…or another’s…Is it even… YOUR life… the only one God has given you for this short time on this little earth?

Answer #7

accordin ta tha bible sex before marriage is a sin bacuz itz spozed ta be one of god’s greatest giftz and shared with the person we’re gana spend tha rest of our life wit

Answer #8

actually accroding to the bible LUST is the sin not sex. Sex is supposed to be sacred between you and your partner. your not supposed to submit to LUST…

Answer #9

God is the author of sex.

He designed it.

He made us into the sexual creatures that we are.

However, within his design, he also gave guidelines, for us to follow.

This is where we mess up.

All you have to do, is to look around you, to see what is wrong…

It is glaringly evident.

God never meant sex to lead to bondage, or degradation.

It is meant to be the most beautiful and wonderful expression of love, between a man and a woman.

However, he also designed us to desire one man or one woman for life.

This is not being followed, but, when a person truly seeks Gods will for his life, and his choice of a mate, God can and does, bring that one special person into your life, that you simply can’t live without.

We make many mistakes in this area, and those mistakes, always lead to pain.

This was not Gods will.

Answer #10

No it’s not. because of the priests f*ck. It’s disgusting.

Answer #11

Not at all if performed after getting married?

Premarital or extramarital sex is not permitted in any decent religion.

Answer #12

If there are any gods obsessing over what you do with your clothes off, don’t you think they’d make their desires unambiguous rather than leaving it up to superstitious ancient men who couldn’t tell the difference between reality and fantasy to propogate their will?

What kind of idiot god would pick that form of dissemination? Even “historians” at the time of the Bible recorded fantasy as if it were reality. How could we expect more from a bunch of religious writers trying to fleece the flocks?

Answer #13

I love sex! it’s great fun! and the judgemental opinion of religious people annoy me.

yes in the bible, as someone rightly pointe out, lust is a sin. however, I believe that it was more of a personal idea, not a collective mind…and thats what I mean about religion, it takes all the personal choice of freedom away and puts one thought in the mind, and one which people claim not to be respoinsible for…

‘have an opinion and justify it, don’t rely on someone elses words to speak for yourself;

what do you think love2u?

and a sin is when one human deliberately harms another, or something against someone elses will…

Answer #14

Peachy, I’ve never been married, and I enjoy perfectly guilt-free sex.

On the subject of sin… It’s a sin to shave your beard – Lev. 19:27 It’s a sin to eat fat – Lev 3:17 It’s a sin to go to church if you’re blind – Lev 21:16-23 If you work on the Sabbath, it’s punishable by death – Ex 35:2

It’s also not a sin to murder people if you happen to be Moses. In fact, this might help your career significantly.

Answer #15

I personally think the only thing that is sinful is hurting other people… so unless someone is being hurt here (molestation, rape, etc) I dont think sex is a sin…

Answer #16

Only when it’s done right.

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