Is religion just a label?

I think..Religion is just a label..How about you guys?

Answer #1

Religion is a label. It is stupid and pointless. Webster, I believe, defines it as follows: “A belief or something you go after with vigor.” So in that case, that could make anything a religion. For example, money. Money is something that a lot of people go after with vigor.

Answer #2

It surely is able to BE a label…When someone says “I’m Catholic”…or “I’m Mormon”…a certain “one size fits all” rolls into the listener’s mind…a generalization of who that person is.

It’s the responsibility of the “hear-er” to NOT label people…


Answer #3

Um, God orchestrated his own atrocities in the Old Testament. Nations wiped out, women raped, children ripped from the womb, livestock slaughtered. All at God’s command and only because they were pagan. I’m sorry to keep having to point this stuff out but it’s in black and white for everyone to read.

God doesn’t get a free pass with me.

Answer #4


Answer #5

I mean, the main reason religion existed is for us,to pray,hope,believe in god..Isn’t it?So,since all religions have the same purpose,don’t you think it’s only a label to differentiate the different teachings and way of living while the main purpose is the same?

Answer #6

Not just a label, but when you add up all the major religions, they’ve been collectively responsible for more death, torture, and human suffering than anything else that society has created.

So, nope, not just a label but something much bigger & more sinister, in my opinion.

Answer #7

I think religion is a label for many people…it’s something they were raised with, not something that influences their daily lives. It’s kind of like people’s ethnic background. Some people say “I’m German” although the only thing German about them is their bloodline, not their culture and attitude. People might also say, “I’m Catholic” or whatever…they grew up going to church, mosque, temple, etc. but they don’t live their lives as a member of that faith.

Answer #8

You think religion is sinister?! How could you say that!

Answer #9

It can be no more than a label. I think that’s when it may be at its most dangerous. If you see it as a way of differentiating yourself from other people, standing apart from them and feeling superior to them, then you’re dangerous. If you’re truly following your religion then I would say that most current religions should point to the similarities between people, not their differences. It’s human nature to emphasise the differences, but God’s nature to love all his creation equally.

Answer #10

Religion should not be the life that you breathe, silverwings. God should… BUT religion most definitely should NOT be.

Answer #11

I do believe in god.But still,I’m not that ‘into’ organized religions..

Answer #12

To an extent… Many people tend to hide behind it… if thats what kind of lable you mean.

Answer #13

do you want it as a label? then don’t react as if it is a label… people who are open minded would never put labels/stereotyping or religion as factor to the relationship(as a friend or more)…

Answer #14

To some, it may be a label… to others, it is the very life that they breathe…

Answer #15

The atrocities that you speak of are man doing things his way. God does not teach this. The Holy Bible, teachs us to love one another. Jesus laid down his life for another, he teaches us to do the same. To forgive, over and over and over again, 70x7 daily, in fact.. I don’t believe any of us make it much farther than 1, much less 490… per day. So, how can you blame him??? He tells us to turn the other check, when someone hurts us, to go the second mile, to bring healing and peace and reconciliation. What bible have you been reading?

Answer #16

good answer eleni, actually there are a lot of good answers here. my own personal view is that all religions are basically the same thing - remodified paganism and witchcraft. do christians and other religions pray to more dieties than just god? ( I.e. angels,saints) do priests cast spells ? ( I.e. the lords prayer, excorcism rights, scriptures out of the holy book) earth, air, fire, water used in organized religion? ( I.e. incense, holy water, candles, ashes to ashes- dust to dust) ritualized cannibalism and blood rituals? ( I.e. communion- eat for this is my body, drink for this is my blood) eventually I hope that all the labels will be dropped and people will again realign themselves with mother nature, which isn’t as far of a leap as the organized religions will have you believe.

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