Is Pulp Fiction the greatest movie ever?

Is pulp fiction the greatest movie ever?

Answer #1

No - didn’t make any sense to me.

Answer #2

Nah, I’ve got a few that I think would compete for that title, but I don’t know which one I like best:

~V for Vendetta ~What Dreams May Come ~A Life Less Ordinary ~Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas ~Apocalypse Now ~The Matrix (The first one- the second and third were overkill in my mind) ~Evil Dead (Zombies!!!) ~This is Spinal Tap ~Hot Fuzz ~The Princess Bride ~Cruel Intentions (The original, not the sequel/prequel) ~Robin Hood- Men in Tights

Just to name a few…

Answer #3

I wouldn’t say it was the greatest movie ever but definitely one of my all time favorites.

Answer #4

Robin Hood- Men in Tights

WE’RE MEN… (manly men) WE’RE MEN IN TIGHTS… snaps YESSS!!!

Answer #5

lex icon takes the cake!

Answer #6

Yes. Yes it is.

Answer #7

I think it is “one” of the best. I love everything Quentin Tarantino has anything to do with.

Answer #8

V for Vendetta sucked.

Answer #9

Nope… overrated.

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