Is my profile hard to read?

Well is it hard to read?

do you think I should change it?

do you like it?

Answer #1

Hard to read… yes.

Answer #2

yeah so uh… just thought id let you know… for some reason, your page keeps coming up w. an error on my phone, which annoys me because everyone elses page works fine, and I’ve tried urs about… 10 times and nothing. >:| so I can’t answer lol

Answer #3

I have to say first that I don’t have clear as a bell vision.I wear reading glasses occasionally.But,it’s not something I can read for long.Maybe a sentence.Now I can see almost every word that matters though.

Answer #4

I love the background..thats v v cute…but a lot of the words are unclear..why not make them black to stand out? back grounds great…where did you get it?

Answer #5

How about now?!

Answer #6

Yes,it is hard to read some parts.

Answer #7

ummm, yeah! sorry! but its sooo cute!

Answer #8

Yeah, it’s hard to read. The backgrounds cute though. You have to highlight your words to read it.

Answer #9

Whoa!! Yeah, its REALLY cool, but it is hard 2 read some words!!

Answer #10

if you like it, you shouldnt chsnge it

Answer #11

It’s a nice background but it’s hard to read some words it will be better if you change the font color

Answer #12

Sorry,but I have understand nothing Change it!

Answer #13

Well a bit because of the stars or so I’d say.

Answer #14

Definitely difficult to read :(

Answer #15


Answer #16

It’s sooo hard to read sorry

Answer #17

I like your profile

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