Is my parakeet dying?

My 10 year old parakeet is fluffed up, falling off of her perch, and very unsteady. Is she dying?

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I am not having a good time saying this,but,yes.Say your good-byes.But it's her time,anyway.
She is old and just cannot hang on.I'm really sorry,but maybe you'll get a new one.

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did u take her to a vet??? she may be real sick

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Yeah.. she is. Thoes are common signs for any bird, mouse, rat, hamster, ect. Dying.

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My bird is staying on the bottom of the cage and sometimes and a perch and breathing hard. When I get near him he start yelling at me very mad. I haven't checked his waste. And he's not eating. He sleeps a lot or at least closes his eyes a lot. Still breathing hard. Is he drying?

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