Is my nose big?

my nose is really big what do I do?

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agh, please quit posting questions like this! a frickin clothes pin is not going to make you nose smaller! unless you want to save up for rhinoplasty, your stuck with big nose. dont you have a daughter to go raise or something? your wasting time with all of these lame, pointless 'questions' !

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no..actually, my baby is with her daddy for tonight and she's been there because I had to work a problem with that? I don't really care if my nose is big. I just think it's fun to read what other people have to say I mean..let's be honost, I don't know anyone on here cept my besty choochee so it doesn't bother me what you say about me...DUH!

Big nose. Omg Im so ugly.

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yea, I know, when I was in like 6th grade this girl told me my nose was big and that keeping a cloths pin on it at night would help it get smaller, she said that was what she did to keep her nose from getting big. I didn't do it because I didn't want my nose to end up shaped like hers but man...I tried it and it hurt!!!

Anyone with a big nose and doesn't even want to go to go outside?
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this is what yur going to do:
1.obtain $5,000 or more
2.find a good doctor/surgeon

its the easiest way!!!

Big nose if you have one how do you feel about it?

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So what? My mom has a big nose, many people do. Be happy of what you got.

How can I reduce the size of my big nose?
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And no I don't think your nose is big sorry I didnt see that part of the question.

How do I make my head AND nose look smaller at the same time?

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The only thing I can think of is getting a nose job...

Do I have a big nose?

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what can you do about it that was the way you was a born

Big nose

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