Is my foreskin normal?

I'm a 15 year old boy and I was wondering if my foreskin is normal.
Its never really bothered me in the past but now I think I'm starting to realise it's too big
My Foreskin hangs over my knob about half an inch (1cm) And when I stretch it its even longer.

I don't think it has any bad affect on my sex life because my ex said I was great
Well... Thats what she told me anyway.

Is My Foreskin Normal?
Please HELP!!!

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Well if its not causing you any pain or discomfort then yeah it is normal. Men come in all shapes and sizes, including foreskin. I wouldnt worry if i was you. If you still feel the same get it checked out with your doctor for peace of mind.

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lucky you big fella

Stinging foreskin...

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