Is my fish pregnant

My Oscar fish looks really fat and has been laying on the botton not moving much. Also it has clear a spot behind a big rock, does this mean it is pregnant?

Answer #1

Yes your fish is pregnat, if it has a spot on its side or something close to that it means it is pregnat, it isnt dead, cause if it was it would be floating upside down near the top, hope this help

Answer #2

yep your fish is probably pregnant… my fish got pregnant and had the same signs

Answer #3

fish don’t get “prgnant” in the mammal sense. She is developing eggs. Make sure she has a flat spot to lay them, then the male will swim over the eggs and spay them with semen. I had a “stupid” male that didn’t know what he was supposed to do - even avfter the female showed him. Gee, maybe he was gay? (JK!) If they are not fertilized, she, she and other fish will eat the eggs. She’ll do this a couple of times a year.

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