Is my ear peircing infected??

ok I got my ear pierced a second time about a year ago and two days ago while putting pressure on it I noticed there was a lump where the whole is and now it is extremely sore do you think its infected?

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naw I went to hawaii to get mines an like 4 months took them out 4 for like 2weekz an they closed then I got them repierced and their was a lump there 2 but some lady that worked at some earing shop told me that the lump is just messed up tissue and will take a lil wile to heal but it aint infected

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Yes, that is an infection.

-Clean the piercing with antibacterial soap - 3 times a day.
-Flush it out with warm sea salt water - 3 times a day.
-If it does not improve in 2-3 days - see a doctor to get some antibiotics to clear it up.

How do I know if my ear is infected?

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