Is my boyfriend cheating on me?

ok, lately I've been feeling like im not the only girl my boyfriends been seeing.
I no it may sound sooo stupied but on myspace he never ever adds my comments what if theres a girl he dosnt want to no I exsit...
he barly calls me
barly txt me
when I do call and he answers he always tells me "ima call you back", like WTF is that about. and btw he never calls me back!!
in the begging of the relashionship he did cheat on me
he was going out with a girl at the same time
and my dumb a** took him back.
but everything was going great he treated me like a princess.
and now it just seems like his not that into me
is it just me or is thee a posiblity???

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Honestly to tell you the truth, I have been through the EXACT same thing..and guess what.. he WAS cheating... you know it sucks, but you gotta put the pieces back together, and keep it moving... this ALWAYS isnt the case though, but most likely it is...if there is minimal communication, which is obviously the KEY to a good relationship (communication), then OBVIOUSLY something is going on.. Confront him about it..and dont listen to people when they tell you, "oh, don't worry about it, because you have to have evidence to accuse him"...BITC*'s called PROBABLE confront him.. get the answers YOU want, so you can make the decisions you want..
Don't be scared to ask him, and yes the truth does hurt, but it is worth knowing..
good luck..

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"in the begging of the relationship he did cheat on me "
its time for you to leave him. whether he's cheating on your or not, a real man should never ignore his girl.

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Why are you still with this guy? Whether he is cheating on you or not, he treats you like crap!

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he is cheating on you or even worse he probably dosnt like you anynore. if you are so sad then just move on and find someone that wil care about you

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is it normal for my boyfriend to think that im going to cheat?

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