Is listening to music while drawing stimulating?

I’m trying to learn how to draw.I’m actually pretty good,better than I thought I was with some time.I was just wondering if listening to something like classical music or nature sounds or just music would be stimulating for that?

Answer #1

Yeah. It relaxes your senses.

Answer #2

That’s cool andres_. I’ll show you as soon as I figure out how to get the pix on here.

Answer #3

yes music is very stimulating I love to draw and I love to listen to music I would definetley like to see you art work if you would give me that privledge

Answer #4

Ya, it gets you into a more relaxed mood which gets your mind into a more creative state. It can be any music, it just depends on what you plan on drawing.

Answer #5

You should try listening to pink floyd’s the Wall and draw to it. . . .

Answer #6

Well I think so. It might depend on the person tough…

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