Is it wrong to have kittens?

I got a kitten so my awesome cat can have babies is that wrong to breed cats? I wouldnt just give them away to any person id sell them to good homes. I spoil my 2 cats like no other and love them to death. I concider them my babies. So my question is… Is it wrong to breed kittens because my mom tells me its wrong What do you think?

Answer #1

It’s wrong…there’s millions of cats and kitens out there waiting for homes or they will die by the needle…why put more out there?


Answer #2

id say it is wrong, because your probably only doing it to make a bit of money. there are millions of cats in shelters and pounds ect that are being killed, and many more that are being given away for free, people have reasons so need to give up there pets, and a lot of them are abused and even killed just for fun. those are the kittens and cats that need a good, loving home. those are the ones people need to consider adopting before bringing new kittens into the world. thats what I think

Answer #3

I HAD to do court c/m at ours and I had to thro away dead kittens : ( but your right ever since my mom said I shouldnt be doing this its been on my conscious ever since. thanx for your advice

Answer #4

Well if you are a breader of a specific sort of cat then they usualy get desexed and more cared for as someone is paying more money for them. The average run of the mill cat however is just a pain in the butt where wildlife is concerned. I have 2 cats and have had others in my time but I always get them desexed straight away. Kitten are cute for a while but then people dont like them as much when they get bigger. Its harder to sell run of the mill kittens and most people end up giving them away.

Answer #5

well, with the cat population being what it is right now (out of control), im sorry to say it is a bit wrong. some shelters have to put unsold cats and kittens down only after a few days because they take up too much space. those are the animals that should be sold first, so that their precious little lives don’t become endangered by humans. if you love kittens though and cats, volunteer at an animal shelter:)

Answer #6

Yup, I agree with them. I work at a shelter in a county where 100 cats and kittens are killed per day because there are too many cats and too little homes :( sometimes the homes are all taken up by people who privately breed. Even if you find homes for them, that takes homes away that could be used for shelter cats.

You could still get your cat a friend, just make sure they’re fixed so they don’t have babies. OR get cats of a certain breed (ex: siamese) and learn about their breed, and breed them to further the breed. People will pay for special breeds and that way you’re helping to further the breed.

Answer #7

No, I don’t think so, even though I like dogs.

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