Is it wrong that I'm upset?

Sorry so long, please.. please read.

Well, I was with my boyfriend tonight, who is going to be leaving for a while. Of course I was very excited to see him and I got a dolled up and everything. Long story short, we had just started making love and his phone rang… and it had to be answered because we knew it was his dad, and we both still live with our parents. So, I get up without being asked and retrieve the phone(which had vibrated and fallen behind my desk, of course) he talks to his dad and is ready to get back to it, which I am happy about. Well we get him back in, though it has gone a little soft.. and there’s not much for me too feel. Then, pretty much right away… he finishes. I don’t even know if he ended up getting very hard at all.

he put his pants back on, and jumped out of the bed, complaining that he was too hot.

I went to clean myself up (don’t worry I’m on the pill, haha) and when I got back he was entranced with a movie.

So I was just kinda like… um?

He seemed to notice that I was acting strange after a few, but I didn’t just come out and tell him why… cause I was worried that it was really selfish of me to be upset over it.

I’m sure I will tell him sometime later tonight, before he leaves

But my question is, is it really selfish of me to be upsetted by this?

Answer #1

Ahh, sorry. I mean that I am upset that he didn’t take time to make it enjoyable for both of us (and I know he can) then he didn’t think anything of pretty much blowing me off.

thank you all very much for your responses

Answer #2

no, you have every right to be upset, but it is better to tell him that you are upset and explain why, because unless he is a mind reader, he has no way of knowing that you are upset at him.

next time, just try to start turning him on again a few minutes after, that way he will last longer the secong time, and you will actually get something out of it.

Hope this helps ya.

Answer #3

i dont even understand what your upset about

Answer #4


Answer #5

Me too are you upset b/c he wont do it anymore or he quit or you want to do it?

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