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Is it wrong to prefer guys addicted to drugs and s*x?

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Is it wrong for me to prefer guys who are addicted to drugs and s*x, I am and I know that its not a healthy relationship at all. but I dont know everyone I think I have ever dated was addicted to some type of drug, im single right now, and sober, but I hate it, its boring and I know most people would say it better to have a guy thats addicted to something good like chocolate, but thats boring I am so lonely and tired. my friends say drugs make them tired but its the opposite 4 me I really want someone whos a terrible person I guess you would say. I don't know I guess im just weird. I think the opposite of most girls, if any chicks out there are with me let me know, if not I dont really give a dam. im actually perfectally fine I can run 5 miles without dying I can stop when im in the middle of doing drugs im not unhealthy I just perfer to do them and be with people who do them too.O Well.