Toothpaste to remove acne scars?

I've heard toothpaste can help remove acne scars is that true? If not what can?

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I don't know about toothpaste, but there is a chemical peel cream (only available from your dermatologist on perscription), which can get rid of old acne scars.

However when using this cream, you would have to avoid the sun for a couple of months and you need to be sure that you won't be having any recurring bouts of acne.

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XD I just did. it made my skin smoother. thats all. haha but it was mint tooth past so I smell mint everywere (:

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no, it cant
the only thing that can remove scars is surgery
but that just leaves more scars so its almost always not worth it
they will fade with time

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I heard that is does

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I don't know ...god now I whant to try it=P

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