Are you still a virgin if you've been fingered?

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you can also get an STD if he has cold sores and likes you, or touches them and then touches you (herpes) or if he has warts on his fingers, that can give you HPV virus (warts) which can lead to changes in the cervix, which can then lead to cervical cancer. as for your question, I believe there needs to be penetration of the penis to no longer be a virgin, regardless if your hymen has broken/cherry popped by fingering, masterbation, sport etc.

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no. and if your hymen is broken you can still be a virgin.
the only thing that makes you not a virgin is when a real penis is inserted into your vagina
because thats the only thing that can get you pregnant or give you an std

If you're a virgin can you finger yourself?
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if you finger someone or finger your self it doesnt mean that you lose your virginity. losing your virginity is when you have intercourse, PENIS+VAGINA=losing your virginity.if a guy masturbates it doesnt mean he is not a virgin

Fingering- virginity
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it is not true. sex has nothing to do with being fingered(I guess it is optional). lots of people finger themselves and that doesn't mean that they have sex with themselves, lol. whoever told you this a lair or a misled individual. if you thought this on yur own, I;m glad you asked.

If you get fingered, do you lose your virginity?
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You are still a virgin if a guy fingers you, but it may break your hymen.

is being fingered considered losing your virginity?

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