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Is too early to teach a nine years old the implications of sex before marriage? Cause she's been asking some very funny and embarrassing questions.

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Definitely talk to her now. She is old enough to understand and will for sure benefit in the future from knowing that stuff now.

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No time is to early when thuey start getting curious that is the best time to gone ahead the tell the real true facts... With the warnings and in a very authoritive voice. My mom taught me earlier than that and im going to teach my daughter the same way. The sooner she knows about it the better the chance will be that she waits and saves herself for that special someone.

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I agree w/ both of them when a child gets to a mature enough age and starts asking those questions then talk to her about it otherwise she will find out from somthing else like scanning around in a biology text book when she's bored [where I learned about it],from dirty jokes [how my 1st little cousin learned],or from the t.v [how my immature youngest cousin learned],the only one who had "the talk" was my brother but he was five as well as when my two little cousins learned,that's how they are so perverted but your child is at the right age to know a little about it just don't go overboard

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