Is it supposed to be burning?

I put a peel off facial mask on and it's like, burning my face. Is this normal for those things? Because it's never happened before but maybe it was just the kind I used before?

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You Cud Be Allergic Or Sensitive 2 To Something In It.When I Put A Face Mask On My Face Burned.So I Would Try A Diferent Face Mask

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ummm, I personally wouldnt use the mask anymore because the burning could be a reaction to an ingrediant that your sensitive to. :/

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if it is a cheap type of cream it is probably because you dont eat enough fruit and acidic drinks or its because you eat and drink too much. the ph must be balanced for these things or they will have a burning sensation. or it could be an allergic reaction.

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yea perty much. as long as you dont get a rash or it keeps burning and what not, then thats not so good.

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well I would wait a little while if you
are planning on trying it again,
you might have just made it a little
bit to sensitive,
try to look for a more milder
or a mask for sensitive skin,
so you can use that for a little while
then go back to the harder kinds of masks.
if it happens again,
discontinue use.

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