Is it possible to sneak into Jonas Brothers meet & greets?

I know some people that have, are there any tips?

Answer #1

I’m REALLY not trying to be funny but I need to ask this, what do you see in the Jonas brothers? I mean there cute but do you think they can sing? Please, no one get offended I’m honestly just curious

Answer #2

Lets just say my young sister kinda got in my head and we both went for it and we spent half of that concert night hiding from security,it was challenging and we did’nt succeed so I seriously wouldn’t recommend 0_o

Answer #3

One Question: WHY?!?!?!?!?! Okay Okay, fine, I don’t think that is possible becuase wouldn’t they have really tight security? And You have to ask yourself is it REALLY worth it?

Answer #4

Everything in this world is possible!

Answer #5

it ispossible… butu get cauat!!! in the bars jail!!

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