Is it possible to melt rocks?

Like everyday rocks that you find on the ground…

Answer #1

Yes - melted rocks are called ‘lava’.

Answer #2

well rocks come from volcanoes erupting, they were all melted at some point. google it, it’s pretty cool.

Answer #3

You need a heat source powerful enough to melt them. It really depends on the rock, but some rocks will not melt even at 1000 degrees Celsius! Alternately, you would need a powerful corrosive acid, such as sulfuric acid.

Answer #4

this is were minerals and ores are found, in “every day rocks” the miner colects the ore- surrounded by rock- then ships it off to be melted, in this prosses both ore and rock are usual melted, but you need amazingly high temperatures.

Answer #5

yes with lots oh techey stuff

Answer #6

Yes. Heat them to a high enough temp, or pour hydrochloric acid on them.

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