Is it possible for a 15yr old to publish a book?

Is it possible for a 15yr old to publish a book? say a really talented writter who people took intrest in who was really sirious and passionate about there work

is it possible? and if it is, how can it be done?

Answer #1

Indeed it is. A 12/13 year old published one. Age really doesn’t matter, just how good the book is really. Just ake sure you go to the right publisher to publish it.

…maybe I should get started on publishing my poetry…

Answer #2

Yes it is.

Write the book, and send it in to a publisher. Keep in mind that most books get rejected, though, so you have to keep sending it to different publishers until one accepts it.

Christopher Paolini was only 15 when he wrote the book Eragon.

Answer #3

uhm, yea. I have about 7 books (3 children, couple of poem books and a few adult stories/novels) the first thing you do is get your writings copywritten.. that way, people cant steal your stuff (or theyll face jail time/ pay a fine, etc.) Feel me.? then, you find an editor. get EVERYTHING you want to put in your book in the order YOU want it.. Theyll hook you up. Find a publisher… Thats the person who basically makes you famous and puts your book out there like, "Buy this book because..." And theyll set you up and out there publically… They`re like the manager of your book business…

Answer #4

yeah I want to publish my short storys, poetry, and dramatic monolouges

Answer #5

Yeah, it can be done. I don’t know if you’ve heard of the book “Eragon?” The author of that was 16 when he started writing, 18 when it was published. Keep in mind, however, that getting a book published is a very tedious process- lots of rewriting, and rejection. The first publisher who reads it probably won’t like it, and that’s okay. All it takes is a few people to like it for it to get published. Just make sure that you have thick enough skin when you send it in. For example, the tv show Spongebob was rejected several times before someone saw it and thought it was a good idea- and now look at how popular it is! I would start by having your friends read it, and have them give you suggestions. Or go to, where people can read and critique work that you post there. Otherwise, also gives your work a chance to be critiqued.

Answer #6

yes! I’m currrently writing a book titled “Level 7”


Answer #7

It is possible but not easy…

Answer #8

Who says the book publishing industry is cramped as it is when even published authors as young as four years of age are already registering themselves their own Copyright and Library of Congress catalogue numbers?

You can publish a book and there is no age restriction. It also means that publishers now are open to publishing rare works by minors bringing into account the fact that to publish a book, there is no age restriction.

Looking at this list makes us summarize that talent doesn’t have to be found in mature brilliant minds. Sometimes, children possess the rarest gems of all – the brilliance of an innocent mind that one cannot fathom to retain when he is already in his prime.

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