Should i break up with my boyfriend?

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yes and no

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Haha, I don't know any details! How can I tell you whether to break up or not if I don't know whats going on? If you don't want to tell the whole world, you can Fun Mail me.

How do I break up with my boyfriend?
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why do u think u have to?

ill help im good with this kinda stuff =]

How to break up with my boyfriend?
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idk watt dose he do dose he hit u or treat u bad

How can I break it off with my annoying boyfriend?
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haha how can we help if you dont even tell us why your considering breaking up w him?

What should I do if my boyfriend breaks up with me and go back to his ex?
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kind of hard to answer this one

How to break up with my boyfriend?
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Should I break up with my boyfriend?

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