Is it okay to care for someone more than you care for yourself

Because if it is I think I have found the right guy :] I mean when I don’t talk to him I think about talking to him and when I talk 2 him I’m just like a kid in a candy store

And when he’s sad I’m sad/ I feel like we’re the same person I feel like are heartswould beat at the same time

I noe it soucnds cheesy but could this be the real deal Could this really be lovelove

Answer #1

LOVE and COMPROMISE…you can’t have one without the other lol.

Answer #2

It could be cute when one feels that way. But is alright to care for others more than we care for ourselves, but you need not to rush yourself…Think first & ddon’t try to do things that you doesn’t feel ready to; but know ourselves first to see if He’s the guy. I wish you luck.

Answer #3

awww your in love :D lol I think that it cud defly b love :)

Answer #4

It could be…It might also be infatuation. Sure I cared for my ex-girlfriend more than I cared for myself. I think thats a sign of a good natured soul. Just be careful. Dont do anything your not ready for just because you think hes the one.

Answer #5

absolutely ok, there should be more people that think; others before self. However, always take care of yourself first. How can you help or “love” others if your not ok. Most important is age, don’t be in a hurry to go out on your own. Every minute you use for yourself, prepares you to help others later. Be Cool and not in such a hurry to LOVE before you know what the true meaning of COMPROMISE is. Look it up ; )

Answer #6

awww!! it sounds like it’s the real deal! but don’t lose yourself compleatly! make sure it is first!~ - keep it cool stay as friends, get to know eachother real well, spend sometime together, and if it feels right and if he has the same feelings, hook up! - sending love your way girly! (:

P.S. “a kid in a candy store” - did you get thoses words from the song, “You Make Me Feel” by Donnie J? lol

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