Is it ok to watch porn and matserbate if im a girl?

I watch all types and I dont think I can stop because I have acomputer to my self and I am so horny but I dont have sex because I am still a virgin

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It's completely normal for both guys and girls to watch porn, it's just that girls usually don't talk about it as much

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Ok, first off, be careful about Porn on the internet because it can crash your computer, and when you take it to get it fixed, they will know all about what you were watching. It will be very embarrassing. Now, with that said, I am a 26 yr old woman, and I am always always in the mood. So much so, that my husband complains that I want too much sex. Yes we females masterbate, and I love porn. There is nothing wrong with how you feel or what you do. By the way, I don't know you, but I'm so proud that you are still a virgin!!! Kudos! Don't feel ashamed of your healthy sexual appetite k. Good Luck.

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