Is it normal that my breasts are still growing?

Hi…Okay I never thought I would ask this question…I’m 23 years old and have always been a small chested girl - which is fine by me. But over the past few months my breasts have gotten a bit bigger. It’s not the normal subtle change of size that can happen around ‘that time of month’ no, they have gotten a little bigger and stayed that way. I always thought your boobs stopped growing when you were in your late teens? Is this…normal..?

Answer #1

Have you put on any weight recently? Breasts are mostly fat so if you have put on any weight it will go on your Breasts

Answer #2

well, I have heard of that, and sometimes it is normal.. other times you may have a hormonal imbalance, I’d go get checked out just in case!

Answer #3

yes, it is normal usually boobs stop growing at around age 18-21 but they can still grow a few years after that also there are other things that contribute to there growth gaining weight pregnancy and some birth control pills as a side effect could all make your boobs grow a bit

Answer #4

No I haven’t put on any weight, I’m fairly slim as I excersise regularly. I am not on a birth control pill and I have safe sex with my boyfriend so I can’t be pregnant…I even had to throw out a couple of bras as they were too small! They were nice bras too :(

Answer #5

then its still relatively normal some womens breasts can continue to grow for a few years after there 18-21 it wouldnt hurt to see a doctor for a checkup on them though

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