Is it normal during preganacy to feel bloated?

To feel bloated the first month and to not feel as hungery as you use to?

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fell for me I didnt know I was pregnant till halfway through my second month...ugh I hate it and I cant ever stop eating. I always feel bloated so that maybe normal

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I think it is normal because you are going through so many changes and you may feel nauseated sometimes. I have heard of women losing weight in their first trimester because they are not feeling like eating much...that didnt happen to me though...

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Pregnancy effects different women in different ways. If you feel worried about any aspect of your pregnancy, or want to know how much you should e eating, talk to a doctor or a midwife about it.

why do i feel like peeing when i get too horny?is it normal?what do u think is the problem if it is?

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