is it heathy?

when I get upset or feel bad I go to my room and go to sleep for hours please help x x -

Answer #1

na thats not gud you should find sumthing esle to take your mind off things

Answer #2

Being stressed or upset can take a toll on body and manifests itself as fatigue - it’s not unhealthy unless you seem to be upset a lot.

Then you need to try and fine new ways to deal with your stress.

Answer #3

If your upset about something that’s going on in your life,get some help by a professional,you don’t want to hold the stress or whatever is causing it in.

Answer #4

Sleep is the body’s natural way of healing itself. If you can sleep when you’re feeling stressed or worried, that’s great - too many people have the opposite problem.

Of course if the stress or worry keeps on for a long time, it’s a good idea to seek help - but very often our own bodies know how to take care of us better than we think.

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