Is it good that north koreans pledge unconditional allegience to...

...their flag and their state every day?

If you find anything unappealing in that, have you ever thought about the US pledge of allegiance in similar terms?

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You mean, if the pledge of allegiance is forced on, you know, my kids every day, monday through friday, while at school...that's a bit, well, communist?

And, that the pledge they recite isn't the way it was originally wrote, but it was modified during the McCarthy era of witch hunting for communists, AND most Americans don't know enough history to be able to tell you that?

OR that, as a kid, I thought something was wrong with reciting something about god, at school, when NONE of my family ever taught me anything about religion for the first ten years of my life, nearly four years after the pledge was forced on me BY THE STATE?

Hm...nope, no similarity at all between the communist country & our beloved "land of the free", toadaly. Not one similarity can I find between my own personal history, and what you shared about the North Koreans. :)

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Loyalty oaths have no place in a free society.

Democratic governments derive their power from the will of their citizens.

It is the government that should be loyal to its citizens not citizens loyal to their government.

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I have never enjoyed the fervor of unbridled patriotism. It always leads to trouble as is often evidenced on this site.
I do enjoy this photo of the original salute to the U.S. flag.
People don't know that the original salute was the "nazi" salute and that FDR changed that also.

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North Koreans pledge allegiance to their "Dear" leader, not their flag. Thats a huge difference.

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no I dont think they are similar at all
for one we are a free country and we can choose to pledge our allegience and they (as im sure we all know) are not

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...rickd, unsure what that's supposed to mean.

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"for one we are a free country"

it is an illusion for anyone in the west to think they truly live in a free country.

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Many people here don't know that we have a Republic and not a Democratic government! The word democracy is not in any US state constitution, nor in the Declaration of Independence or US Constitution. Yea for the sixties to try for the paradigm shift.

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