Is it a little weird that I really like performing oral sex?

That I really like eating pu$$y ?

I’m bisexual, and eating a pu$$y for the first time was great, I never wanna suck another penis in my life. I mean, I’ve even been with a guy and the whole time I was horny I wished he was a girl so I’d be able to eat him out. Is it weird?

Answer #1

I love eatin pu$$y =] but how are you bisexual if you sucked a guys penis and you wished he was a girl so you could eat? shouldnt you just be with a girl? and besides the fact you sucked his penis arnt you straight then?

Answer #2

I’m bisexual. I do like penis, just not in my mouth. Before I ever ate a pu$$y sucking a guys penis wasnt weird. But now it is, now the only thing I wanna eat is pu$$y

Answer #3


Your reply on here just gave away the anonymous status of your original question.

Don’t worry, there is no shame in what you are saying.

However, maybe the site should be changed so that if a question is asked anonymously (under fau), then and followups on the same thread by the question asker automatically appear as fau unless that person manually overides it.

Just a thought.


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