Is imesh a good program for free downloads?

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Itunes is not a p2p...
Imesh\limewire\Bearshare & more... is a good p2p
the talk about viruses is not true its the file or song or .exe file from outher people over the p2p network that has virus not Imesh or limewier and outhers that are out thir fault.. it is yous.. and the people that are sharing it Thank You And Good Night Pearheads

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I would use neither Imesh or Limewire since both are known to pass viruses. . . use Itunes you pay but it's safe.

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I personally don't like it.
I use Limewire and it works perfect for me.

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ok, first off, virus's can be hidden as a music, video, or any other type of file, and whether or not you want to admit it, any p2p program can give you virus's. Many virus's can infect your computer before they are even completely downloaded. My advice is to use a good antivirus, and choose carefully what you download. But any p2p program can give you a virus if you are not careful.

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