is he trying to get me jealous love trouble

he calls me asking whats wrong when he knows exactly whats wrong. but last night when we were talking he said I love you I love you I love you and then he goes oh im sorry im just texting my girlfriend damn I cant wait to be with her tomorrow. why is he telling me this I really dont want to know that hes with someone else because he knows I still love him and he says he still has feelings for me that he will always love me. so whhy does he keep telling me stuff about his girl if he knows its killing me slowly

Answer #1

sorry to say this but he’s a jerk yeah he’s making you jealous but does he really have a girlfriend? because most guys who does this is just LOW!! you should just forget about him and delete his number. or might as well delete him out of your life. why would you still wanna be friends or still talk to him when he does this to you??? im thinking he’s still in love with you thats why he’s always doing this. all I gotta say is listen to your heart.. what do you wanna do?

Answer #2

Hes immature, my ex did the same. Your only 13. You will have many boyfriends before you find Mr. Right. Hes an ex for a reason, and trying to justify an ex’s behavior is…pointless!! Move on, just tell yourself that your better than that.

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