Is he too old for me?

The person I really like is 18 years old (turning 19 the end of April) and I’m 15 (turning 16 in the beginning of April)

Is he too old for me?

Answer #1

haha babe im 14 (15 on April 10th) and my boyfriend is 18 (19 on June 7th) sooo I dont think urs is bad

Answer #2

really whens urs? :D

Answer #3


Answer #4

Darien, your boyfriend is having sex with a child>(you) Hes an adult, and its illegal for an adult to engage in sexual activities with a minor. Most likely that is why he is with someone so much younger. He sees you as an easy conquest!

Answer #5

the 9th

Answer #6

I don’t think he’s to old for you.. age doesn’t make a difference once the your person is past a certain age, but if you were trying to date a 25 year old I would tell you he just wants to take advantage of you..

Answer #7

we are not having sex!!!

Answer #8

Haha we almost have the same birthday =)

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