Is Firefox killing anybody elses computer?

So I have always been a fan of firefox above safari or internet explorer. But then I recently downloaded the newest version of firefox and it’s just crap! it keeps crashing my computer and forcing me into forced reboots. has this happened to anyone else?

Answer #1

My boyfriend is an IT nerd and he is here watching TV while I lulz on internets.

He says it is a problem with the “cash” (?) from your old Firefox installation. There is a command to clear it.

Go to Start Menu, Run, then type

format c:

And that should “clear the cash” - whatever that is

Answer #2

jillsocks- thanks for the help! I did that so I hope now it fixes it!

Answer #3

You probably need to try reinstalling it. This is an odd issue. If a reinstall doesn’t work, then contact Firefox; they probably have a patch for the browser to fix this issue.

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