Is 'Earth 2100' true?

because its really scary if we really are going to face all of the horrible things they mentioned? Isnt there such a thing as a happy ending anymore? Guess not

Answer #1

no one knows when the earth is going to come to an end. only God knows, and it isnt going to be anytime soon, according to the Bible.

Answer #2

Personally, I believe the earth will “end” the religious way. I believe in God so, I believe that he’s the only one who truly knows when the earth will “end”.

Answer #3

If follow the Bible closely as I do, things sure are aligning with how it describes the last days - if you read Revelation it reads just like the evening news - it appears time is short.

Answer #4

yeah it’s not true don’t worry about it plus the miens believed it was going to end on 2011 in some month but that’s not true either they might of been near the first on earth but they were smart but its just when their calender ended and only god really truly knows when the earth/the world will end its just like 6/6/6 plus just because I’m bored scientist believe the earth was destroyed 4 times before (just saying) xD

Answer #5

It’s not true just like June 6th, 2006(6/6/6) wasn’t true. It’s not true just like everyone dieng in the year 2000 wasn’t true. It’s not true just like the world ending in 2012 isn’t going to be true. People wish the world would end. The life some people live sucks. When the world ends it’s going to be at an un-expected time one an un-expected day, you can plan a wedding, you can plan a surprise birthday party, but you can’t plan when the world is going to end. C’mon now.

Just my opinion on it all. aha :]

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